Art Fact Trivia



Impress your friends or test your knowledge over some fun-facts about art throughout history! 

1. Which artist’s work sold for $91 million dollars in 2019, breaking the record for the highest selling artwork by a living artist of all time?

A. John Baldessari

B. Jeff Koons

C. Gerhard Richter

B. Jeff Koons' Rabbit! 

Standing at about 3 feet tall, the final bid for Koons' stainless steel sculpture nearly tripled the artist's previous record of sales at Christie's auction house in 2019.

Photo source: Christie's 

2. Who was the man in Grant Woods’ American Gothic (1930) modeled after?

A. His dentist

B. His brother

C. His nemesis

A. His dentist! 

Woods asked his 62-year old dentist to model for the iconic painting. The woman next to him is based on his sister.

3. The first photograph ever documented of a human being is said to have been taken by Louis Daguerre in 1839. What does the subject pictured appear to be doing?

A. Dining at a restaurant

B. Sword fighting

C. Getting his shoes shined

C. Getting his shoes shined. 

While the streets were probably busy at the time, this man was the only one who stayed still long enough to show up in the exposure!

4. The iconic Nike swoosh logo was designed in 1971 by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson. How much was she originally paid for her work?

A. $1,400

B. $35

C. $0

B. $35! 

The company later compensated her again with an undisclosed amount for her efforts in creating the timeless imagery for their brand. 

4. Which artist was considered a suspect for the infamous theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911?

A. Pablo Picasso

B. Salvador Dali

C. Marc Chagall

A. Pablo Picasso!

He was arrested and questioned, but found innocent of the crime. The work was returned to Paris in 1945, and the media sensation following the story has made it one of the most well-known works of art in the world.

5. Which of Henri Matisse’s cut-out works was accidentally hung upside down in an exhibition at the MoMA for 46 days? 

A. The Sheaf, 1953

. B. La Bateau (The Boat), 1953

C. The Snail, 1953

B. La Bateau (The Boat)! 

The mistake was noticed by a visitor who was familiar with the work. Whoops! 

Image source: Tate


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