Eileen Lunecke

Eileen Lunecke

Eileen Lunecke (born in Valdivia, Chile) is one of the most important South American artists thanks to her relentless energy and well-defined personal style.  Currently living and working from her studio in Santiago, Chile, Lunecke uses nature and cities for inspiration. With bold, saturations of bright colors, Lunecke’s paintings capture scenes from particular places at a moment in time.   Lunecke’s art reveals a quintessential affection for her country and its people.  The details of each painting are as attractive as the whole artwork. Lunecke notes that in Valdivia, Chile, where she was raised, forests are still untouched and nature is all around. She also notes that the cities of Chile have their own charm, offering citizens a vast variety of details to observe on a daily basis. These rural and urban backgrounds combine to inform Lunecke’s creative process. As a result, each of Lunecke’s paintings is like a travel diary, allowing the viewer to share Lunecke’s vision of the experiences and aspirations of the Chilean people.


Formally trained, Lunecke has a degree in Fine Arts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.  She later received post-graduate training at Academia d'Arte Firenze, Florence, Italy.  Lunecke also holds an art teacher degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Lunecke has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, including exhibitions in Chile, USA, South Korea, Netherlands, and Italy.


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